The US police state and propaganda

Memo 23, Revisited: US Invades Taiwan Election (2 May 2012)

Obama to Taiwan: Freedom to choose is just a ruse we use. You can elect any SOB you want, so long as he's our SOB. Washington, not the people of Taiwan, knows what is best for Taiwan because Taiwan is not yet ready for self-determination. After years of Obama's pseudo-progressive rhetoric, it was perversely refreshing to see US neocolonial arrogance once again displayed in full splendor, as Washington and Beijing played "good cop/bad cop" in a US invasion of Taiwan's elections. Oct. 4 2011, US Assistant Secretary of State told Congress: "Ultimately, it is in American interests to see democracy flourish in Taiwan. One of the things that binds us most closely is this democratic experience. In January, Taiwan will be conducting a major [presidential] election...the United States supports that election. We don't play favorites, we don't choose a candidate..." Does history support his claim? Time to dust off our old friend, Memo 23, and see what we can learn...

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Attica: A Political Broadcast (8 Nov 2011)

On Sept. 13, 1971, New York Gov. Nelson Rockefeller ordered armed state troopers to raid the prison in Attica, New York, ending a prison uprising to protest inhumane conditions at the facility. Troopers then indiscriminately shot over 2,000 rounds of ammunition, killing 29 prisoners and 10 guards. Recently released audio recordings provide a glimpse into the bizarre savage rituals of US federal and local rulers coming together.

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The China Model: Obama On Libya (21 Apr 2011)

In his prepared speech (March 28) Obama used noble words to justify the bombing of Libya, with much talk of freedom and human rights. But, in an impromptu reply given in a March 11 press briefing, he spoke more openly about the economic mission of the attack - using the notorious language of the WTO/World Bank: "opening up" to the "global economy", and citing China and India as models.

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Mercy of The Court Redux: The Way in San Jose (01 May 2010)

San Jose police chief Rob Davis recently told a court about "the irreplaceable value of a police officer's life". And then the person on trial was sentenced to life plus 47 years. I did nothing about it - only posted this mashup. That's all there is. Now you can go back to sleep.


Mercy Of The Court (02 November 2009)

I read the news today oh, boy. About a man who was not so lucky , didn't make the grade.

Then came voices and images from the past...and I understood.

The sentencing of DeShawn Campbell, accused of killing a San Jose policeman is placed in context: from Odessa, to Bombingham, Columbia Revolt, Rizzo-delphia, Battle in Seattle, and beyond.


San Mateo top prosecutor guilty of stealth racial bias in jury selection (26 Oct 2009)

The Ninth Circuit U.S. Court of Appeals overturned a conviction obtained by San Mateo County Chief Deputy District Attorney Steve Wagstaffe and published its reason, racially discriminatory jury selection‚ stating: "overwhelming evidence indicating that the prosecutor ... acted with discriminatory intent when he struck M.C."

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Thank God for Beer-Drinking Police (1 Aug 2009)

Police provide a "teachable moment" to Henry Louis Gates, Jr.
Yawn…yet another vapid celebrity-distraction du jour in post-rational America.

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San Jose police go looking for love...again (17 Jun 2009)

Q. What do you get when San Jose police hire a consultant to repackage their image from psychopathic gangster-wannabe Travis Bickle, to media-polished law-and-order demagogue Nicolas Sarkozy?
A. YouTube video as relevant as bloopers from Mr. Pregnant

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How police really die: Some numbers (22 May 2009)

The March 21 killings of four Oakland policemen have triggered many speeches about the risks faced by police. The most current BLS fatality data, for 2006, shows risks similar to what was found for 1997: the lethal risk of police work is closer to the risk of the average worker than it is to the high risk work of roofers or farmers. Police fatality risk is well below that of refuse workers.

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Finding excuses for jackboots: ex-police chief McNamara "plays the race card" (10 Apr 2009)

Former San Jose police chief Joseph McNamara uses race-baiting that serves and protects the system of unchecked rampant abuse by Oakland police.

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Oakland PD's Favorite Cop-Killer: Gov. Schwarzenegger (31 Mar 2009)

As he joined police and mourners from across the country who paid tribute Friday to the four dead Oakland police officers, Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger was identified with his most popular and enduring role, The Terminator, which brought laughter to the audience. To keep the police rolling on the floor in stitches, their next funeral can show the scene with The Terminator's famous catchphase: "I'll be back".

Oakland Police Killed: "Change" Has Come (29 Mar 2009)

Anyone who did not yet realize that there is a full-fledged war waging in US city streets needed to look no further than the front page of every major Bay Area daily on Saturday: flag-draped coffins, military salutes, talk of "fallen heroes", speeches from top officials - and a letter from the President. But all this also signaled that CHANGE has come to that war...

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Aftermath of the execution of Oscar Grant: Everything's under control (17 Mar 2009)

In October 2007, the Justice Department reported that during the three years from 2003 through 2005 police in the U.S. killed, on average, a person every day. These statistics are disturbing. But the stories behind the numbers are frightening.

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Plan 9 from BART police (6 Jan 2009)

We cannot expect to receive any reports except those that justify, excuse or minimize the killing of Oscar Grant by BART police at 2 a.m. New Year's Day.

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